Justin P.J. Trudeau sends a signed letter….

United Canadian Metis Nation

Justin P.J. Trudeau
Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada
Chef du Parti liberal du Canada
February . 21 st, 2015

Dear Friends.
It is with great pleasure that I welcome evervone to the Billy Bishop Legion in Vancouver , British Columbia,for the Power of Your Voice Metis Rendezvous

Today’s discourse provides us with the opportunity- to recognize the history and fundamental role
of the Metis Nation, First Nations and Inuit in shaping the identity of all. Canadians. I, and the
entire Liberal Caucus, believe that our country is made stronger because of your community’s
remarkable and countless contributions, and we remain committed to engaging in a renewed,
respectful, and inclusive process with all Aboriginal communities across this country.
I would like to thank the BC ‘Women’s Liberal Commission, the Aboriginal People’s Commission
in BC, and the Metis Citizen’s Society for working together and organizing this important event,
which provides…

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About ucmn123

President of the United Canadian Metis Nation , were people are treated as an Equal's and have a Voice.. I'm a very Proud Metis.. who believes in our History and Culture.. With a Positive outlook on moving forward. This is the way of the Metis... LONG LIVE THE METIS

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